We all desire a fresher, whiter and brighter smile – it certainly can change the way we feel about ourselves and build our confidence.

Lumino the Dentist in Ponsonby may have just what you’re after with their Brush and Bubbles offer. Starting from $49, you can start your weekend with some teeth pampering and leave with a healthier smile, complimented with a bonus glass of champagne conveniently located just downstairs, at Longroom.

Read on for the what and how about teeth whitening – however first a disclaimer – what I have found is that teeth whitening will make you look and feel more glamorous, but the most glamorous procedure it is not!

What you will get with in-chair whitening however, is a safe, easy and immediate result.

What is it and what’s involved?

Firstly, make an appointment either online or through calling Lumino Ponsonby directly. Choose between the classic, express or deluxe procedure – see below image for more details.

In-practice teeth whitening is a procedure that is performed in the dental chair. It is the fastest and most effective way to whiten teeth, it is also the best option for those wanting ‘instant’ results.

All patients will be seen by one of the clinicians prior to treatment to check for suitability, and asses any oral health issues.

Cheek retractor in, cotton buds in and protective gingivae gel applied.

While waiting for things to get rolling, you’ll get to choose your polish flavour – cherry, cinnamon or vanilla mint to name a few, images are then taken (wearing a wonderful ‘cheek retractor’ no less!) and you’ll be talked through the procedure.  Any questions are answered, safety glasses on and away you go for treatment.

Still wearing your cheek retractor, a few cotton buds will be placed in your mouth to help keep the inside of your mouth away from your teeth. A protective gingivae gel is carefully applied to the gums, followed by the whitening gel on your teeth.

The gel is then activated by a special LED light, and the resulting photochemical reaction gently penetrates the tooth to lift deep stains and discolorations.

This process varies in length, depending on the depth of the stain and the goal level of whiteness. You do need to stay relatively still. Three 10-minute rounds are usually needed, I’m told.

My fears….

Blinding white? What I really didn’t want, was to walk out of the practice with a mouth full of glowing choppers worthy of Hollywood, and I didn’t.  Thank goodness for that.

The oral health therapists tell me in order to get my teeth looking like that, I’d need to invest in veneers. (Maybe another time!) Anyway, I’m told that Hollywood trend is on its way out and natural is in.

Painful? I’d heard it could be painful, zings up your teeth, mouth wide open for 30 minutes! Luckily for me, I don’t suffer any dental sensitivity, so no painful teeth. However, keeping your mouth wide open for a period of time doesn’t make for the most comfortable experience. My tip – keep your phone in your hand and browse – it’ll make the time go faster. Alternatively try to zone out. Close your eyes and ignore the ‘beep’ every minute on the timer!

The best thing? You know you’re in good hands – literally!

Aside from the risk of spending hundreds on products that don’t actually work, teeth whitening does have its risks – you only get one set of teeth remember – so avoiding enamel damage, soft tissue damage should also be high on the priority list.

The oral health therapists at Lumino The Dentists are experts in the field. They are also straight up about the risks and will also be honest that teeth whitening is not for everyone. If you have sensitive teeth, the process may hurt somewhat. Whitening agent may touch your gums, which may also hurt.

End result – whiter, brighter and healthier.

I am told the amount of sensitivity experienced is hugely variable between patients but will always resolve within a few days.

The point here is that you have options and everything is laid bare.

And the final result…

Success! Whiter than before I am told by my colleagues, mother and husband. They feel and look clean and there’s no sensitivity to speak of.