Dr. Andrea Shepperson of Lumino City Dental at Quay Park, shares her top tips for a more youthful smile.

Whiten Teeth
Teeth yellow and stain with age and lifestyle. Whitening is a safe and simple technique to lift your smile, remove deep stains and add health and vitality. Read all about teeth whitening – the different methods and all the facts – right here. 

Regular gum maintenance
The “long in tooth” look is very aging and increases your chance of tooth loss in later years. Gum disease is now strongly linked to cardiovascular disease. Regular removal of bacteria from under the gum can minimise the risk of gum recession and decrease the risk of heart attack or stroke in susceptible individuals. An appointment with a dental hygienist will help your teeth look great and stay healthy.

Strengthen with porcelain
The most common cause of tooth loss today is structural failure of heavily filled teeth. Cracks propagate in teeth with large fillings, causing teeth to decay or split as they flex during chewing.  Protect your teeth by covering weak teeth with porcelain or gold.

Fill that gap
Missing teeth allow the bite to collapse and make chewing and good nutrition difficult.  Deepening facial lines form as the face loses height.  Tooth loss or wear can be very aging.  We have helped many patients gain self-confidence by restoring what nature gave in youth and has taken away through wear and tear. Implants, bridges & bite reconstruction can be as effective as a face lift in restoring support to the face.

Eliminate decay
We know that decay is an infectious disease that can be minimised with target treatment. Don’t put up with constant fillings and the costly and sometimes painful side effects of decay. Let your teeth outlive you and enjoy improved health as you chew, talk and smile with confidence.

Chemistry control
Many lifestyle habits damage teeth by altering the chemistry of the mouth.  When we expose teeth to acids from sour fruits, acidic drinks, alcohol or stomach acid regurgitated in reflux, we dissolve tooth enamel and encourage decay-causing bacteria. Learn how to make wise choices with your diet, lifestyle and the protective products you use.

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